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Team Truth loves hearing your often bitchy but always fabulous take on the latest juicy stories straight out of Hollywood. Ya know, like whom you think Taylor Swift's next studly suitor should be. Or which actress you think has feet big enough to fill Elizabeth Taylor's fabulous shoes.

And since our poll subjects continue to dominate the tabloid market (here's lookin' at you, Demi Moore), we decided now was the perfect time to recap how you all voted on some of our latest polls:

Award Show Goes to the Dogs

Or, at least, it should. Because when we asked you about the biggest unconventional snubs of Oscar season, over 40 percent of you agreed that Uggie, the pooch from The Artist, deserved some Academy fanfare…especially now that it's been announced he's retiring. Maybe it's time for a lifetime achievement award?

"Give something to the dog—at least invite him to the show," one commenter cried. A sentiment we wholeheartedly agree with. And we think the same could be said about the poll's runner-up: Michael Fassbender's member.

Who the Heck Is Taylor Swift's New BF?

That'll be the question on everybody's minds—at least according to you—when T.Swift finds her ideal dude. Because nearly half of you (43 percent) said that the country crooner should ditch the likes of T-town and date a noncelebrity.

Heck, we'd just be happy if she settled for a boy without a Blind Vice. Which, sadly, means not Zac Efron.

Megan Fox, We Think We Found Your Perfect Part!

Too bad you're so not on board, Megsy. Hot on the heels of news that Lindsay Lohan was up for the Lifetime biopic of Liz Taylor, word broke that Megan Fox might be a contender—and 46 percent of you thought she was the best fit.

Megan's now saying she is not and has never been linked to the project, which leaves a tie for second place between LiLo and Leighton Meester. But I think we can all agree it's time to just scrap the project and get Kate Winslet to play her on the big screen.

Katy and Russel, Heidi and Seal…It Was All the Wedding's Fault!

Big weddings do indeed mean big troubles for the couple. According to the 40 percent of you that agreed with us that couples who spend more time thinking about how fancy their cake will be instead of what'll happen post-honeymoon are destined for disaster.

Maybe someone should have mentioned that to Heidi Klum and Seal…they only tied the knot (and then retied it) like a bajillion times. Have we mentioned, BTW, how sad we are about this split?!

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Poor, Poor Demi Moore

Now here's one we can all feel sad about, right? Ashton Kutcher's soon-to-be ex-wifey Demi seems to have a lot of H'wood problems. Because according to you, all the options we listed—like the fact that this town is incredibly harsh on women, that Demi needs some grub stat and that cougar-cub relayshes always come with extra pressure—are reasons for Dem's downward spiral.

One that landed her in the hospital this week. Here's hoping things start looking up for Ms. Moore soon. We know she's got it in her.

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