It's the big question on Revenge: Who is going to die?

We saw a dead body on the beach in the very first episode, and now, the cast knows who it is. Dun dun dun. So how did they react?

We sat down with stars Connor Paolo (Declan) and Christa B. Allen (Charlotte) and found out the reveal was big enough there was some furniture thrown!

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"We all read it for the first time in a read-through sitting around a table," Paolo tells us. "And when I found out I picked up a chair and threw it through a window. We were excited."

So yeah, it's safe to say our excitement for episode 15, aptly titled "Chaos," just went up a few levels, if that was even possible.

When the hit ABC series returns Feb. 8, summer is coming to an end, Hamptonites, and things are about to get very, very dark!  "From what I've heard," Allen teases, "once we start to getting into winter things get very cold and very dark in more than one way. We've kind of had the position during summer of these parties and you can kind of  be distracted from all the craziness that's happening, but I think once the winter hits it's going to get even more real because you don't have all that celebration and fun."

Paolo adds, "The show has been on a downhill from the beginning. It started dangerous and now it's like real, real, real dangerous."

Speaking of dangerous, let's get back to that whole someone dying thing, shall we? "I think some of us saw it coming," Allen says of the reveal, while Paolo adds, "I guess if you do want to sit down and play Sherlock Holmes with it you can, but I think it's more fun to just let it take you wherever."

While they're not spilling any details about the upcoming death (they'd like to keep their jobs, thank you very much!), the duo teased that not all is revealed in the episode, like the identity of the murderer.  "We allude to who did it, but we don't confirm," Allen says. Paolo says viewers will "have at least three of four Clue suspects. It could be Colonel Mustard or Mr. Plum or the green one. From the way the script is written, it hints that it could've gone a couple different ways."

It was recently revealed that Charlotte is actually Emily's half-sister and Allen says she wasn't kept in the dark about that particular plot twist. "I learned very early on so that was a tough secret to keep. [Creator] Mike Kelley revealed that one to me and that blew my mind."

While Charlotte has yet to find out that Conrad (Henry Czerny) is not her biological father, Paolo teases, "Stuff gets tough for Declan and Charlotte after this news really stars to get out there." Allen adds that Charlotte "starts to completely emotionally unravel."

So how will it affect the now-happy couple? Paolo continues, "It would be as if you have a lover that is going through a serious emotional crises and literally asking them, 'Who am I? I have no idea who I am anymore.' It's really going to affect your relationship."

Who do you think is getting killed in episode 15, Revenge fans? Are you hoping Charlotte becomes more involved in Emily's storyline? Sound off in the comments!

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