So long, Catherine Willows. You will be missed.

And you aren't the only one choking up about Marg Helgenberger's final episode of CSI, airing tonight. Marg herself can't help but get misty-eyed thinking about saying goodbye to the role, but she does break into a smile while talking about possibly returning to her old stomping grounds...

"It's kind of hard to comprehend," she says of her 12 seasons on the show. "It's been a fifth of my life. From the pilot on it's been touched with magic dust, so I've been very aware of how special it's been."

We can't promise we won't cry tonight while Catherine leaves the Las Vegas crime lab for a federal post in Washington, but we can promise to hold out hope that Willows will be back again.

"The possibility of Catherine coming back for a special episode or two is there," Marg says. "So I'll just say, 'til we meet again."

Sneak a peek at scenes from tonight's episode, and check out the full interview with Marg above and try not to well up when her voice breaks during the interview. We dare you!

"Willows in the Wind" airs tonight on CBS at 10 p.m.

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