Blind Vice diva

Dear Ted:
It's been a while since we've heard anything about Veronica Bee-Stings! I have a different sort of question about her: Was VBS a beard for any of her costars or have all of her relayshes been the real deal? XOXO

Dear Thicker Than Honey:
Hardly. Ronnie isn't the bearding type. She has that crazy sexual appetite which is half the reason she's gotten herself into so much Vicey trouble in the first place. She likes her guys ready to hit the sheets...despite whether they may be committed to, ya know, like a wife.

Dear Ted:
The Super Bowl is coming and I can't wait! Though I will miss all the hot and spicy footballers. Speaking of, were Taller Baller and Pepper Harthman's seasons more on the hot side, or did their game end up kind of bland?

Dear First and Downed:
Doll, I far prefer to keep up with these dude's off-field antics. And Taller has been up to so much more lately, if you're keeping Vice tally. But I did some sporty research and it looks like Pep has been having a much better season than Taller. And I do mean much.

Dear Ted:
I knew Tim Tebow isn't really as pure as the driven snow! Do tell, what kind of Vicey behavior is going on? I want to see that kid knocked down a peg or two. Smooches to your pooches!

Dear More Sports Stuff:
I'm sure he has a few secrets he'd rather not share (who doesn't?) but as far as Vices go...well, Tim really is as preachy perfect as he seems. Which is half the reason I want him to link up with Taylor Swift. She needs a man who's not a Vice star.

Dear Ted:
I've seen some pictures of Ashley Tisdale lately, where she seems to have moved way beyond her High School Musical days. Is there some Vicey-ness there or she is just growing up? XOXO to the pups.

Dear Behind the Music:
They're all "just growing up," you Disney darling. But of all her former song-and-dance palslike Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgensthe Tis is the least naughty of the bunch. As in, no moniker. Kisses back from the girls.

Dear Ted:
How is Sheila Horn E. doing these days? Is she still up to her Vicey ways? Congrats to kicking the nasty habit. Life without cigs is so worth it.

Dear And Then Some:
You must have a good Vice radar, Cherry, 'cause Sheila is blowing up the tabloid scene lately. In fact, I must admit I'm actually a bit worried about her lately. Anyway, thanks for the congrats, babe!

Dear Ted:
Can we please stop hearing everyone's two cents on casting this stupid Lifetime Liz Taylor movie?! Who cares who is in some third rate TV movie? It is taking up space that could be used for actual gossip.

Dear Lindsay Lohan Does:
And I do too. It's only Elizabeth friggin' Taylor's legacy, after all, and the first movie to take on her drama since her death. And don't knock Lifetime movies, Mikey, Jennifer Love Hewitt's last one nabbed a Golden Globe nom.

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