George Clooney, Kristina Guerrero

All right. Let it be known that I recognize that the title of my blog is a bit deceiving. I have hardly spent evenings (plural) with George Clooney; it was more like brief moments (albeit two of them). 

And "new friend?"

"Because he was nice to me, he must want to be my friend" is something my delusional mind has made up. I have a feeling everyone he comes in contact with feels the same way because he has this beautiful gift to make you feel like you're the only one in the world he cares to talk to at that moment. 

I talk to celebrities for a living, so it's not really professional to become giddy or nervous when I get around them. But Mr. Clooney was quite the exception to the rule. I've never had the opportunity to interview him so as I saw him walking down the pressline coming straight towards me—I just thought to myself, "Oh my gosh he's gorgeous." Followed up by "Kristina, don't blow it and make a fool of yourself!" 

But before I had a chance to break a sweat, George (we're on a first name basis now—again, my delusional mind) made me feel 100 percent at ease as if we were old friends. He is a true movie star—talented, handsome, and most importantly kind and genuine. 

By the way, did you see The Descendants and Ides of March? Incredible! I can't wait to talk to him about it over drinks when I'm invited to his Italian villa this spring. (I know, I know. My delusional mind at it again!)   

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