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Move over, William and Kate! There's a new royal wedding in town, and this one has loads of behind-the-scenes drama and a hotly contested love triangle...no, make that love rhombus, with very pointy edges.

We have the exclusive first-look video of Gossip Girl's highly anticipated 100th episode, airing this Monday on the CW, in which Blair (Leighton Meester) is set to marry Prince Louis (Hugo Becker).

So will she go through with it? See for yourself...

In our sneak-peek video, you can see that Blair does indeed walk down the aisle to her prince, even though we all know Louis is about as close to being her soul mate as a bucket of sludge. (Sorry, Prince!)

We also can see that Blair certainly looks all glowy and euphoric as she's walking arm-in-arm between her father and stepfather. (Also important to point out: Everyone looks ah-maz-ingly gorgeous. Two giant snaps up to Gossip Girl's wardrobe department!) And what's this Serena (Blake Lively) is saying about doing something "bad?" Ruh-roh. With Georgina (Michele Trachtenberg) around, that can't be good.

So what happens next? You'll have to watch this Monday on the CW to see. But our bet (hope?) is that Blair won't say "I do." Maybe she'll pull a Ross and say the wrong name? Or a Julia Roberts and run for the hills via horseback? Or a Kelly Taylor and choose "me"?

Whatever goes down, and whether Blair ends up with Chuck or Dan or Louis or no one, it's sure to be an epic episode for fans.

Check back tomorrow (Wednesday) for loads more Gossip Girl scoop as we hit a screening of the entire 100th episode, and a Q+A with the show's bosses!

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