Like two peas in a pod, they are.

And although Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Aniston are very public about their love for one another, our exclusive sneak peek of After Lately hints that Hollywood actress may have some venting to do about her BFF.

Aniston comes in with Chelsea to meet the crew, and while Handler steps out to take a phone call, Jen just kinda unleashes her thoughts to the writers after they comment on how busy the show host has been.

"Doing what? I mean, gossiping about more successful people that are better looking than her? Or putting her name on another dumb book to make the world a dumber place? I mean, just ridiculous," Aniston says, right before mocking her pal, "‘Hi, I'm Chelsea. I really think that everything I say is funny.' You know what I mean? It's a shock that she really still has her own show."


But that's just the start of it! Watch the clip to see more of Aniston burning Handler and also tune-in to E! News tonight at 7 and 11:30 p.m. to see more of the After Lately finale.

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