If you missed Monday's episode of The Bachelor, then you missed a good two hours of drama, tears, surprises and—thanks to Courtney—witnessing how manipulative a woman can be when competing for love.

Ellen DeGeneres seemed to catch last night's show, and she had a few words to share with Ben Flajnik (airing tomorrow) about that model from Santa Monica...

"Speaking of reassurance, last week…Courtney," Ellen said to Ben. "She manipulated you to try and get that rose because she said, 'Oh, I don't know how I feel.' Then you went and got the rose and gave it to her. That was not right."

And judging by the amount of applause, the audience agreed with her.

Ellen continued with, "She may be a lovely person and you're probably engaged to her, but the thing is, the way that it was edited she came off not nice…and I could be wrong. It's not fair to judge someone like that, but she was just playing you...man. She was playing you. Saying all the things you wanted to hear."

Word, sista! Unfortunately, Ben can't comment on any of this because the show is still going on (he didn't even give anything away with his face. Darn!) and although the fact that it must be "exciting" that Courtney's a model, Flajnik shared, "I told my mom and my sister before this thing started, I didn't want the models and the L.A… and that kind of stuff. So that was one of the hurdles."

Another hurdle? Not being able to see what was going on with the girls when he wasn't around.

"You never know what's going on, on that side. You never know who to trust. Like you said earlier backstage. You wish there was a mole. Yeah, it would be nice if there were a mole back there."

Luckily, Ellen's got his back, "All right, I'm going to find you a nice girl because that didn't work."

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