Jenelle Evans


MTV's Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has found herself landing in legal trouble, and getting arrested twice within one week doesn't exactly help break her bad girl image.

However, Evans spoke out to E! News in this exclusive interview to set the record straight, telling us her side of the story concerning recent run-ins with former roommate Hannah Inman and former boss James Duffy.

And we all know Jenelle doesn't sugarcoat anything...

Jenelle's first arrest involved allegedly making "harassing phone calls" and "communicating threats" to Inman.

"I actually am confused about the arrest from last week," Evans told us. "I haven't contacted Hannah or Duffy in a month, and I was the first to press charges, so I think they are trying to charge me with things out of spite.

Hannah does not own a cell phone either so there's no way I could of harassed her with phone calls. I never threatened Hannah. I guess she claims I'm a threat to her, which makes me laugh, because I moved 45 minutes away from her three weeks ago to get away from the drama and be closer to school."

According to her attorney, Jenelle's second arrest was reportedly for violating the domestic violence protection order. Duffy told E! News that the real reason she was arrested was because Evans refused to take down a naked picture of Hannah on her Facebook page.

"I didn't post any naked picture of Hannah. I have four admins on my Facebook fanpage. One of them must of posted it. I didn't even know it was posted. After I got arrested, I searched for it and deleted it," Jenelle said. "I really don't understand why any of these charges are taken out against me. Duffy is using Hannah to his advantage, I believe. He is forcing her to do this. It's a known fact, or else she will be on the streets."

Her tumultuous relationship with Duffy has weighed heavily on the reality star's health.

"Now I have to go back to the psychiatrist because I feel like I'm about to have a nervous breakdown. It's constant harassment against me, having me arrested for pity things. That's why my probation officer hasn't violated me for probation. She knows it's not my fault."

As if that weren't enough, Evans alleges Duffy has cyber-stalked her.

"Duffy is also jealous of my manager and mad that Hannah won't give it up to him," Jenelle continues. "This is very disturbing to me, because she is only 19 and he is 46. I wish she would see how dangerous he is and move out."

Everything else in Jenelle's life seems to be pretty good. She doesn't "talk to Kieffer at all," and is very happy with her new beau, Gary, who "doesn't mind about my legal troubles because he knows they are false and he sees me climbing higher and higher." Jenelle is also staying focused in school, practicing the medical field and sees her son Jace "every second I can." As far as her relationship with her mother, Barbara"As long as I don't live with my mom then we get along."

"I'm hanging on to everything that's happening this past month," Jenelle says. "I almost reached my breaking point, but went to see my psychiatrist to get back on my medication to help with this depression and anxiety Duffy and Hannah caused. Everything always works out in the end though."

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