Uggie, The Artist, Patricia Hastie, Michael Fassbender, The Help

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Now that Oscar nominations have been officially announced, it seems everyone's sounding off on the best nominees and the serious snubs.

And while we couldn't be more pleased to see some of our favorites (Jessica Chastain, The Descendants, and The Artist to name a few) being honored by the Academy, we must not forget the real shining stars of the season.

Hey, remember Tom Hanks couldn't have done it without his beloved volleyball, Wilson, in the movie Castaway—so check out our picks for this year's unsung heroes and let us know who you think is worthy of the precious gold statue!

Let's start with the obvious—Uggie, the adorable pooch from The Artist who easily stole the show at the Golden Globes. And now that the flick has snagged 10 Academy Award nominations, we're a little bummed the Jack Russell terrier didn't at least get a very honorable mention.

What's more? The famous pup has a long list of acting creds (he starred with Robert Pattinson in Water for Elephants as well) and since The Artist Director Michel Hazanavicius said Uggie "is really essential in the entire storytelling process," we're thinking this fab pooch could come out on top of our poll.

But if the adorable Uggie didn't win you over, perhaps the comatose wife in The Descendants stole your heart? The role's played by Patricia Hastie, who looks anything but comatose in real life, but we have to give the gal some serious cred for pulling off the barely livin' look. And in our humble opinion, the movie wouldn't have been the same without her believably half-dead performance, agreed?

But if The Descendants got you down and depressed, maybe you should root for a game changer—and what better than the poop pie in The Help! Forget Emma Stone starting the civil rights movement, we all know the real catalyst is the grotesque pie Minny Jackson (Octavia Spencer) whips up.

Or maybe, you're all about the best supporting appendage of the season, none other than Michael Fassbender's notorious member. And heck, why shouldn't it be the unsung hero? Not only did Fassbender's penis steal the show in Shame, but according to George Clooney, it can also play golf—dare we suggest, a triple threat in the making?

So we've got four fabulous contenders in the mix, but as you loyal Academy lovers know, we must have five for a true Oscar competition. So we leave the wild card up to you Awful readers—sound off below and let us know who you think should bring home the gold statue as the Best Unsung Oscar Hero.

Awful¿s Oscar¿s Unsung Heroes Poll!
Who really stole the show and deserves to bring home the big O
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