Yeah, I know. You can't tell from watching me spill celeb news on TV, but these gossipy bones of mine still have some sport left in them (see video above for the, um, sort-of proof).

I was lucky enough to get invited to play goalie in the fifth-annual Luc Robitaille's Celebrity Shoot Out in Park City last weekend at the Sundance Film Festival to raise  money for Luc and his wife Stacia's charity, Echoes Of Hope, which assists emancipated foster youth. Joining a host of former NHL stars were celebs such as Michael Vartan, Cuba Gooding Jr., David Henrie, Smallville alum Michael Rosenbaum, ESPN's Linda Cohn  and Alan Thicke.

Here's why, for me, the exhibition game was more fun than sitting through yet another two-hour indie Sundance drama: 

1. My team's celebrity coach was actress Andie MacDowell—definitely the prettiest coach I've ever had.

2. Stripping—kind of. In the second period, Cuba Gooding Jr. (a good hockey player!) did an impromptu strip tease at center ice. 

3. After Cuba's peep show, I stopped him on a penalty shot. Show me the…poke check!

4. Playing on the same ice with the NHL equivalent of Red Carpet Royalty: Hall of Famer Luc Robitaille, Rob Blake, Adam Foote, Pierre Turgeon, Ian Laperriere and Marty McSorley.

5. In between periods, the other team tried to trade for me, offering an Olympic speed skater and Cuba Gooding Jr. in exchange for my services. My loyal captain, Laperriere, declined the trade.

6. Talking smack with Wizards of Waverly Place star David Henrie before the game…then going head-to-head in the shootout!  Maybe I stopped him because I yelled "Selena Gomez" (his co-star)  to distract him.

7. Hearing Michael Rosenbaum's hilarious story about actor Paul Giamatti, whom he had never met in his life, walking into his hotel room after the Canyons resort accidentally booked the two in the same room!

8. Making a save and then feeding the puck to Pierre Turgeon, who I grew up watching play for my hometown Buffalo Sabres. What an honor!

9. The pleasure of playing with goaltending legend Manon Rheaume, the only woman ever to suit up for an NHL game, and telling her about my 7-year-old daughter who plays goalie.

10. Thanks to former Colorado Avalanche captain Adam Foote's battle-worn beak, I for once did not have the biggest nose on the ice.

11. With so many Frenchman, I was able to say "Oui, je ne parle un peu francais" and actually have someone understand me.

12. Um, my team won the game (even without my glasses on). Duh, seeing!

13.  Having the Park City Ice Arena packed for such a great cause.

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