Think you have a roommate from hell?

You obviously haven't seen tonight's episode of Teen Mom 2, which featured an all-out smackdown between Jenelle Evans and her new housemates.

Instead of the front lawn or, say, the parking lot of Planet Fun—this four-way fracas went down in the young mama's boudoir...

It all happened so fast. One minute Jenelle was crying because Kieffer was texting the 508 area code, the next she was threatening to move out and take her couches with her. Her first victim, the bathroom door, was entirely innocent (like her friend Ben's change jar); but even after she nearly slammed it off its hinges, roommate Tori was consoling her. But when Jenelle complained about Tori's boyfriend, Tylor, invading her space (he's not a model houseguest like Kieffer, after all), she was forced to bring out the drumsticks.

Actually we have no idea why Tori was waving around drumsticks, but some serious beating took place in Jenelle's room. In what sounds like a bad porn scene, the girls shoved each other atop Jenelle's bed, then rolled around on the floor between the legs of Kieffer and Tylor—who were also locked in battle until they fell to the floor with the girls.

In the end, Jenelle screamed, "Just leave me alone!"

And scene.

Oh wait, some other stuff happened with the other Teen Moms tonight.

Chelsea got off to a promising start at her tanning salon job, but cried because Adam broke up with her. (Maybe he found someone else in the 508 area code?) Kailyn hired an attorney because Jo would rather finance his music career than pay child support.

Corey Simms, Leah Messer, Teen Mom 2


Meanwhile, aspiring coal miner Corey would rather buy a new truck than a trailer home for his family. We thought Leah's demands that they purchase land and a double wide were unrealistic—until she took us down to that terrifying basement, which is creepier than the haunted cellar in American Horror Story. The only place she can bathe her daughters is in a moldy spider's home with a faucet coming out of the ceiling?

"This is over," she tells Corey when he refuses to support her. "I'm leaving."

Sigh. Not everyone can have a storybook romance like Jenelle and Kieffer's.

Are you on Team Corey or Team Leah? Team Jenelle or Team Drumsticks? Sound off on all of tonight's drama in the comments!

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