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Best. Drunk. Ever.

Who would've thought Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) would turn out to be such a fun drunk? That's exactly what the bride-to-be's Bachelorette party proved, with Blair letting loose and having fun...that is until she was arrested. Also complicating things were Chuck (Ed Westwick) who was determined to find out why Blair changed her mind and Prince Louis's (Hugo Becker) scheming sister Beatrice (Roxane Mesquida). 

So is Chuck reverting back to his scheming ways? And will he and Blair ever reunite? Executive producer Josh Safran weighs in on those burning questions and more...


Bachelorette Gone Wild!: While at church, Blair confesses to the priest that she is still thinking about Chuck: "My dreams at night...may not be about the man I'm going to marry. I love Louis, I do, but I fear the devil on my shoulder. Chuck Bass. I know I need to honor my pact with God to protect him." Blair wants her favorite priest as her royal adviser and tells him so after her confession...except it's not Father Smythe guiding her: it's Beatrice's priest boy-toy Father Cavalia (Marc Menard). Ruh-roh! 

Beatrice decides to sabotage Blair by getting her drunk at her Bachelorette party and then alone with Chuck Bass so everyone can see "where her true heart lies." Chuck confronts Blair about her secrect. "Sooner or later you're going to crack," he tells her when she won't budge. After this conversation, Blair decides maybe she should cut loose at her Bachelorette party. Beatrice plans a drinking game about Blair's exes in order to get the bride-to-be drunk. Can we just say that Blair is cuter drunk than we ever dreamed? "This game is kicking my ass!" she exclaims!

While drunk, Blair tells Beatrice, "There are some people you can only love by not being with them." Later, Blair goes out to get air and some random pops a joint in her mouth...right when two cops walk up to the bar. Blair thinks they are strippers and antagonizes them...leading to her arrest and our favorite moment of the episode: Blair tossing her tiara to the crowd, telling them, "I love you, New York!"

Thankfully, Beatrice had a change of heart and bought all of the bar patrons' cell phones off of them to protect Blair's image and later dumps the priest. Yay! Too bad Dan and Beatrice thought Chuck was behind Blair's arrest. Boo! After Blair wakes up, she tells Serena she found Louis' wedding vows, which are perfect...but were not written by him. Yes, Mr. Dan Humphrey wote the vows, y'all, which reference Sabrina, an Audrey Hepburn film. All together now: Aww! Too bad Blair has no idea that Dan wrote the vows. We're thinking that'll change soon...

Fake Dating Becoming Real?: Serena (Blake Lively) and Dan are still fake-dating and Serena is definitely enjoying it more than Dan, who is paying for eight dollar cappuccinos. Nate deletes Serena's column. He lies to Serena and tells her marketing told him to push back the debut of Serena's column. "The publicity you are getting right now is distracting people from your real talent." They might want him to write a sequel to Inside...and they do after reading Serena's blog post about her relationship with Dan. 

In order to protect the integrity of his second book, Dan fake breaks up with Serena. "We dated for years so of course there's history there," Dan tells Serena, who almost admits that she still has feelings for him. Later, Serena calls Dan and tells him Blair still wants them to fake-date to protect her, except Blair told her the exact opposite. This should end well!

Nate Gets a Storyline! And It's Good!: Nate (Chace Crawford) has officially partnered with Gossip Girl in order to find out who caused the car crash...and Serena's blog becomes collateral damage. Nate fires Serena and his assistant records it and sends it to Gossip Girl. Not knowing what ele to do, Serena tells Tripp (Aaron Tveit) that Gossip Girl is telling Nate he set up the accident. "There's no way I can prove that I didn't do it," Tripp says and accuses his wife Maureen of setting this up, saying she was upset that their grandfather gave up on him for Nate. Then surprise! Nate and their grandfather pop out and punk Tripp, revealing they set up the whole argument to catch him in his lie.

Tripp finally tells them all the truth: Ivy's ex Max (still hangin' around the UES) offered to help Tripp in exchange for some money. Max was supposed to drain the oil in the car and when he didn't, Tripp got his hands dirty and did it himself. "I wanted to ruin your weekend, not your life," Tripp says. "I did what I had to."  While his grandfather had nothing to do with the accident, Nate blames him for pitting the cousins against each other and tells him he doesn't want his support anymore at The Spectator.

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The Dark Knight Returns?: Could Blair's refusal to be with Chuck (or explain why she won't be with him) cause our former bad boy to return to his devious ways? Well, partnering with the evil priest definitely doesn't bode well . "She already thinks I'm the villain," he says. "I might as well become one." Executive producer Safran tells us: "It's not necessarily a different Chuck, but the progress that Chuck has made, it suddenly becomes an uphill battle to maintain that progress and not slide back. The question becomes will he maintain that progress or will he slide back?" Something tells us Chuck is partnering with the priest to protect Blair. Wishful thinking? Maybe. 

No Reunion in the Near Future for Chair: Fans of Chuck and Blair are a bit frustrated (to put it mildly) that yet another obstacle has been put in the duo's road to happiness. "Of course we have to draw it out a little bit," Safran explains, "but like when they say, ‘Why can't Chuck and Blair just be together already?!' and it's like well if they were together then we'd have to break them up in five minutes. The thing is, maybe if Chuck and Blair ever get together fully we want to earn that and take it to a new place, but also I think Blair knows that now. I think it really isn't just us going, ‘No, let's keep them apart as long as we can.' She has been with Chuck, she saw what went wrong, she is maybe nervous to get burned again. They've come close several times and so I also think that is what you do when you get older. She is not going to jump right back into it. She's going to think about it." 

Boys Preferring Blair: Lately, viewers have been noting the lack of interest from the male population in Serena as it seems every guy who meets Blair falls madly in love with her. Safran explains, "Serena has not had a love interest [lately], which is a choice on her part. It's like she's taking a timeout." As for the interest in Blair, Safran says, "She was always in the shadow and feeling like, 'When people get to know me, they don't want me.' I think she really came into her own. She was in the dark for so long and here she is."

What did you think of tonight's episode, Gossip Girl fans? Did you enjoy drunk Blair as much as we did? Do you think Chuck will return to his old ways? Will Blair find out about Dan writing the vows? Sound off in the comments! Also: we're attending a screening of the 100th episode this week so send your questions for Safran and executive producer  Stephanie Savage!

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