Jay-Z, 40/40 Club

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So True So False, STSF

Jay-Z is super-cool, no question. The refrigerator at his 40/40 Club, however, is another story.

The New York City Department of Health paid a visit to the new dad's newly reopened luxury sports bar last week—and word is, inspectors didn't like what they saw.

And because food safety and hygiene should be high on any establishment's list, a kitchen can't open for business if the DOH starts ticking off violations.

Or can it? Was it business as usual, or did the 40/40 Club really get shut down just one night after its grand reopening? Hang onto your credit card, kids, because this story is...

Technically true, actually!

The DOH stopped by Jay-Z's Manhattan club (he also has one in Atlantic City) on Thursday night, where, according to public records, inspectors dinged the hot-spot with 69 violation points.

Among the infractions: Cooked food not being maintained at 140 degrees Farenheit or above; cold food items' temperature was warmer than 41 degrees (smoked fish and certain vacuum-sealed packages need to be 38 degrees or cooler); the appropriate thermometer was not being used to ascertain the various temperatures; insufficient or no refrigerated or hot holding equipment to keep foods during cooking, cooling, reheating and holding; a food worker did not use a proper utensil to eliminate bare-hand contact with food that was going to be served cold; and personal cleanliness was found inadequate (no hair nets, etc.).

According to the New York Post, raw chicken, shrimp and turkey-burger patties were refrigerated at a mere 60 degrees; cooked mashed potatoes had fallen to 89 degrees; cooked turkey burgers and 10 pounds of rice were being kept at 67 degrees; and a cook was mixing salsa with bare hands.

But though the restaurant was listed as "closed" on the DOH restaurant-inspection information site as of Saturday, a rep for the 40/40 Club assures us that they were back in business by Friday night.

"The 40/40 Club was never closed during regular business hours," the rep told E! News. "It was business as usual through the opening weekend. There was a blown motor in a walk-in refrigerator that was fixed early in the morning allowing the club to be opened on the same day."

The DOH website now notes only two violations, meaning the staff hustled to get things back in working order and boost their rating from the equivalent of a C to an A when inspectors returned on Friday.

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