While criminals may mistakenly leave their fingerprints at the scene of the crime, CSI's Marg Helgenberger has purposefully left her mark at the hottest (and also rainy, in today's case) scene in Los Angeles.

Thanks to all those long, dedicated hours on the job, the two-time Emmy nominee received the 2,458th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today.

The ceremony, which was extra sentimental because it took place two days before Helgenberger's final CSI episode aired on CBS, included costars and friends Dana Delaney, Jorja Fox and Ted Danson.

Helgenberger's speech shared her journey through potential careers starting at a meatpacking house in Nebraska, wanting to be a nurse and then ultimately changing her mind to pursue acting.

"Somehow, the thrill of bringing written characters got under my skin and I shelved a potential nursing career for a much more stable career in the entertainment business," Helgenberger joked.

Marg got hold of the CSI pilot script in 2000. "It was an invigorating and clever read and I wanted in, " she said. "I knew that Anthony Zuiker had created something that television audiences had never seen before—a crime series told from the point of view of the criminalists where science was the star."

Helgenberger gave thanks to network execs, including producer Jerry Bruckheimer(also present at the ceremony) for giving her the chance to play Catherine Willows.

"CSI has been such a gift, 12 years with writer-producers, directors, actors, craftsmen and crew who are beyond the best," Helgenberger said.

"Leaving CSI was one of the hardest things I've ever done," Helgenberger added. "I don't know what comes next for me, but I do know that if the past is any indication, wherever my career is going, I'm not going to get there alone."

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