Heidi Klum, Seal

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Dear Ted:
So exactly how shocked were you by the Heidi Klum-Seal breakup? A little, not really shocked, or completely shocked? Any Blind Vices with this duo that led up to the breakup?

Dear End of an Era:
I'm surprised, if only because the two have had so little gossip brewing about them in the past and were able to navigate whatever problems they did have quietly. But last time I spotted Heidi on a red carpet though (at the Globes), while she was obviously still wearing her wedding ring, she did seem a bit less press-friendly than usual. So maybe there were signs.

Dear Ted:
With some outlets saying Seal's "temper" is the reason behind his split with Heidi Klum, I wondered if she is Strippa Rip-Ya?
Your devoted, K

Dear Stripped Away:
Nope, thankfully. Actually, there's no Blind Vice monikers to be had in this marriage.

Dear Ted:
Does our Charlotte "Chuck" Finger-Dingle have another toy in her "athletic" sexual life—let me say a boyfriend?

Dear All My Single Ladies:
Nope, Charlotte is totally BF-free. Remember, she opted out of the PDA-ing with her lust-worthy costars.

Dear Ted:
You have piqued my curiosity. You said that The Avengers boasts 4 Vicers. I'm counting Gwynnie, ScarJo and Jeremy Renner. Who's number four? Could it be scrumptious Chris Evans? Never gave him much thought before—used to think he was too frat boy handsome—but caught What's Your Number recently and now am on board the Evans Express!

Dear Captain Vicetastic:
Nope! The only juicy dirt to dish here is whatever secret reason it took you so long to hop on the Evans train. What's up with that, babe?! His abs in Fantastic Four weren't fab enough for you? Oh and some other sexy stuff, but he hasn't earned a moniker yet…

Dear Ted:
What the heck is up with Toothy Tile and Grey Goose? Should we expect surprisingly good changes in their lives?

Dear Off The Map:
Both the fellas are lying low lately. Like really, really, really low. So I wouldn't exactly say that you'll be surprised by either of these guys anytime soon. So boring, no?

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