Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

Jordan Strauss/Getty Images For PGA

One of our fave things about awards season? Mucho opportunity to worship Hollywood's finest. And no one steals the red carpet spotlight better than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

But the best thing about Brangelina? They're not afraid to call the shots and ignore the typical politics of Tinsel Town.

So, as this exceptional couple continues to cement their status as Hollywood royalty, we had to get the inside scoop from Angie's close friend: How does the world's most beautiful and unmarried couple continue to make it work?

"They're together because they're doing it like they want," dished one of Angelina's close women colleagues.

And we couldn't agree more. After all, the couple is anything but conventional, even though their unmarried ways seem like their secret to success. They're going on six years strong, and the duo appears more in love than ever.

What's more? Angie's friend insists Brad and Ang will continue their relaysh on their own terms and "not like they were told," spilled our source.

And hey, maybe this gorgeous couple has it right—attending every award show side-by-side and ignoring the tabloid talk constantly fueling their relaysh—it seems to be working for the duo, and with all the major Hollywood splits (Katy and Russell, Demi and Ashton) we have to question whether others should take a hint.

But with Oscars just around the corner, we also have to wonder whether Brangelina will continue to steal the red carpet spotlight? Are Brad and Angie the couple you're most excited to see as we approach Oscar season?

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