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The secret's finally out.

After living together in New York City for an entire season, Kim Kardashian finally told her sister Kourtney Kardashian that she's unhappy in her marriage and doesn't want to be married to Kris Humphries any more on tonight's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York. What caused Kim to tell Kourtney? A session with celebrity medium John Edward who connected the sisters with their late father, that's what. 

So what did Kim and Kourtney's session with Edward reveal? 

Kris' sister Kaela is in town visting the couple and Kim is trying to avoid her as she doesn't want Kaela to suspect anything's wrong. Feeling like she needs guidance from her deceased father Robert Kardashian, Kim decides to set up a session with Edward. "There's a lot that I've been going through, like emotionally and mentally, that I really think that I'll find comfort in connecting with my dad again." 

While Kourtney doesn't think it's a good idea, Kim says she's still going to meet with Edward. When she tells Kris, he flips out about the idea and "totally shut down." Kris leaves the apartment and when Kim tries to follow him, he doesn't want to talk to her. Later, Kourtney changes her stance on the issue, thanks to a conversation with Scott Disick

"There are definitely things that John is saying that no one can possibly know," Kourtney says during the session with Edward, who brings up various connections to their father, including paintings, a tooth joke and his relationship with Kris Jenner. Finally, he says something that shocks both girls: He asks if one of them is pregnant. Kourtney says someone recently contacted her saying they dreamed she was pregnant. While Edward says he believes Khloé will become pregnant soon, we all know Kourtney recently announced she is expecting her second child. 

"Did you learn from this?" Edward asks Kim on behalf of her father about her previous divorce. Kim says she has.  After Edward leaves, Kim breaks down to her sister, finally telling her she's not happy in her marriage. "I honestly feel like I can't do this anymore with Kris," Kim tells Kourtney while crying. "I don't want to be married anymore." 

On the Kourtney and Scott side of things, Scott pushes for the couple to go and get a portrait done even though Kourtney hates having pictures around the house. To get around Kourtney's aversion to photographs, Scott asks for their portrait to be painted. "It really makes me feel good," Scott says of Kourtney agreeing to have their portrait done. 

When the portrait gets delivered, Scott is excited to see the final result. He gathers everyone in the living room to unveil the painting. Unfortunately, Kourtney asked the girls creating the portrait to do something funny to Scott in the picture as a joke. What they chose to do? Give Scott a unibrow, something he did not appreciate. "That's not a funny joke," Scott says. "This thing meant a lot to me." Shockingly, Kris gives Kourtney advice on how to handle the situation, telling her to apologize and offer to put it up in the house to show that she's acknowledging his feelings. 

Scott and Kourtney decide to do a photoshoot, with Kim acting as their photographer. "I know how important this is for Scott," Kim says. 

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