Red Lights actors Cillian Murphy and Elizabeth Olsen sat down with E!'s Ben Lyons at Sundance this weekend, where the Rodrigo Cortés thriller debuted Friday night.

Read on to find out what they spilled about working on a high-profile indie with a cast that includes Robert De Niro.

Elizabeth, who rose to fame with her role in 2011 buzz film Martha Marcy May Marlene, is such a festival favorite that she's been dubbed the Queen of Sundance. And the appreciation is obviously mutual.

The actress says she loves how the festival is "all about the films that the directors and writers intend to make without anyone else infringing on their choices."

Elizabeth also revealed she isn't straying from her indie claim to fame anytime soon: "Everything that I have lined up next year are all independent movies." She adds that this was no grand indie strategy, but that, "they've just so far happened to be the characters that I've just liked the most."

As for co-star Cillian Murphy's experience on Red Lights, working with an Oscar-winning A-Lister?

"I was a quivering mess," he says. "It's hard to have small talk with Robert De Niro…but when you get down to it, he was so cool." Not that Murphy could really play it cool: "You do pinch yourself when you finish the scene, like 'I just did a scene with Robert  De Niro!'"

Check out the video above for more from Elizabeth on being so over school and Cillian's appreciation for being a part of the Batman franchise.

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