Hunger Games, Poster, Jennifer Lawrence


We're getting so close to the premiere of The Hunger Games that we can almost taste it!

Which makes it only appropriate that the final poster for the soon-to-be released flick has hit the net in full, flaming glory! The latest promo for the movie captures Katniss in action, aiming her arrow straight at us.

We can definitely feel the heat. But what do you think?

Despite all the controversy surrounding Jennifer Lawrence's casting as Katniss Everdeen (and trust us, there were plenty o' peeps bitching about it when it was announced), we have to say she's looking pretty fierce. 

But we've always supported J.Law. The gal is a friggin' Oscar nominee, after all!

For those of you who had doubts Lawrence was worthy of taking on the role of Ms. Everdeen in the highly anticipated flick, does this badass poster change your mind? Or are you still as ticked off as ever?

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Or, for those of you who like your decisions fair and balanced: Are you just waiting to see her on the big screen before making your final verdict?

I guess all we can do now is to wait for The Games to begin.

Oh, and for you loyal Jabberjays (or "Tributes," as we hear you like to be called), keep checking back to The Awful Truth because we've got a very—and we do mean very—exciting HG competition coming your way…and we're sure you'll want to fight to the death for this one.

Until then, sound off on the latest sneak peek of Katniss in action!

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