One of the greatest things about the Sundance Film Festival is learning about movies you probably have never heard of, until now.

For example, Ben Lyons was on the red carpet in Park City, Utah, for the Wish You Were Here premiere, and got a chance to chat with two of the film's leading stars, Joel Edgerton and Teresa Palmer.

Warning: Both celebs have extremely sexy accents.

And that makes sense, seeing as they are both Australian. So why even leave the sunny Outback for the cold and snowy banks of Utah?

"I don't mind because I do like a bit of skiing and snowboarding, so if I can sneak away and do that, that's cool. I just like how relaxed this whole festival is," Edgerton tells us, who, by the way, gets flattered when people realize he doesn't have an American accent like his character in Warrior.

"It's kind of a nice pat on the back for me, really. I mean, you know, Warrior is one of my favorite films I've been involved with and it's still very much in people's consciousness and I think people kind of, people who never discovered it at the box office are slightly discovering it...Good movies survive, man. You know, some movies make a lot of money up front, and you'll never hear about ‘em again. There are other movies that are slow creepers that live on forever."

As for his costar, she seems pretty thrilled to be working on an Aussie film.

"I'm really excited because it's the first time, in a long time, that I've done an Australian film," Palmer tells us. "And its just such a strong script and it's story of these four friends who go away on this holiday and one of them never returns. It's sort of a mystery, thriller. That's always my favorite type of movie and I think Sundance always embraces those types of films."

Check out the clip to hear more from Teresa about the film and her second home (Los Angeles) along with Edgerton spilling some deets on his other project, The Great Gatsby, and whether or not he got into some trouble down under with Leonardo DiCaprio.

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