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Psst. We just nabbed a brand-new super secret promo poster for Hart of Dixie, and although we'd like it to be for our eyes only, we were told that we must share it with all of you. You are welcome.

Take a look at the fantastical couple after the jump, and believe us when we say it's one steamy pic...They're practically doing it!

Hart of Dixie Poster


OK, not really doing it, but we're taking this new promo to be a good sign for Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) shippers. Have we decided to call them Zade yet? It has a nice ring to it, don't ya think?

Fingers crossed that these sexy southerners are heading toward something a lot more heated in the back half of this season. After all, as the poster says, "There's a thin line between hate and hot-for." Oh, and FYI, "honey" is the key word for Monday's episode in which these two share a really sweet and slightly embarrassing moment with each other.

Don't forget to nominate "Zade" for our annual Top TV Couples Tournament! Or if you'd really like to fuel the fire you can always throw George (Scott Porter), Lemon (Jaime King) or Lavon (Cress Williams) into the mix and watch the Bluebell battles begin!

Hart of Dixie returns with an all-new episode Monday, Jan. 23 at 9 p.m. on the CW.

Excited for Hart of Dixie to come back? Which Bluebell relationship do you want to see heat up? And who else thinks it's a shame that Wilson Bethel is wearing a shirt? Share with us in the comments!

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