Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Taylor

Steve Granitz/Getty Images; Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Dear Ted:
Since you wrote that curves could be faked in the biopic, then here is my suggestion to play Elizabeth Taylor: Angelina Jolie She has the beauty, brains and talent to do it.

Dear I'm Whipped:
OK, OK, I know I said I wasn't exactly into it, but, the more people like who insist Jolie has what it takes to play Taylor, I find myself slowly getting convinced...if she eats a little. Taylor lived for food (fried chicken and all the trimmings was her favorite). You just can't have somebody as svelte as Jolie playing every arc of the legend's life. Otherwise, she's got the acting chops and mystery-sexy-goddess thing down pat. Not to mention the men.

Dear Ted:
Yeah, get Lindsay Lohan that The Carrie Diaries job so she let's go of any idea of trying to "play" Elizabeth Taylor! Although personally I think Dianna Agron would make a great Samantha. She's just a little too pretty for Carrie.

Dear Double Ouch!
Rough weekend, dear? I happen to think Sarah Jessica Parker's a great beauty. But I also think Dianna as Samantha is not a bad second idea, just think Carrie's more Dianna's speed. As to Lilo and Taylor, I think it's pretty clear I agree with you—and then some.

Dear Ted:
How do Blake Lively and Penn Badgley get along behind the scenes on Gossip Girl? In this past episode they kissed for the first time in a while and I even felt awkward watching it! Are they both completely over each other or is there some tension? I would imagine it hasn't been easy for Penn to see his ex gallivanting with Hollywood's hottest men over the past year or so.

Dear It's Complicated:
Uh, you would be correct in that assumption, L. Although, oddly enough, I hear Penn's more moved on than Blake, which actually makes sense. Isn't it possible that all that Leo and Ryan-gallivanting is a bit much, maybe to cover up some deeper, hurt feelings? Yep. Also, I predict Penn's going to ultimately be the more seriously appreciated actor, in the end.

Dear Ted:
I'm curious what you think of Taylor Swift's taste in men. First, there was John Mayer then Jake Gyllenhall and now Zac Efron Me thinks there some more heartbreak songs coming!

Dear Of Course There Are:
But, each of the dudes you listed were less serious than the previous, I do believe. My thoughts? Taylor hasn't met her big true love yet: the one that'll really get the heart- and guitar-strings a pullin'. You know, somebody like Tebow.

Dear Ted:
I cannot wait until The Avengers comes out. Any Vicey business going on behind the scenes to keep me occupied until then?

Dear Super Superstar Vicers:
Totally! Especially considering the fact that four Blind-Vice alums are in the damn cast! Surprisingly, though, only one of these BV celebs is taking his or her vampin' ways to the rest of the cast—from what I hear.

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