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Forget the bangs, it's Taylor Swift's dating life that's got this team talkin'.

And in typical T.Swift fashion, the country crooner revealed her latest album will center around (surprise!) a "crash-and-burn heartbreak."

But since the gal's obviously been a bit unlucky in love (did ya really think it would last with John Mayer?), we had to give the beauty some advice.

So, who's bangin' enough to be Miss Tay's next boy-toy? Let's just say the dude better be ready to top the Billboard charts if there's any kind of heartbreak…

We'll start with the obvious choice: Zac Efron, since rumors are swirling the two have been secretly seeing each other. And while we do think the cuties make a super hot couple, we're much more into this duo sharing the stage for a duet, not a dinner date. Agreed?

Which brings us to bad boy and Tay's former beau, Joe Jonas. And while we totally get things ended, like, really badly for this couple (Joe infamously dumped Taylor in a 27-second phone call), we think the dude can change his ways. After all, he doesn't have any problem hanging out with former ex Demi Lovato, so perhaps he and Tay should rekindle their romance?

But if Joe will only lead to more tears on Taylor's guitar, maybe we should suggest a stand-up guy like Tim Tebow? We know Katy Perry's fam is trying to snag the dude for their newly single daughter, but we think Tay and Tim could make a par-fait match with their equally do-gooder image.

Or maybe Taylor should ditch any dude in Tinsel Town and go with a local guy. After all, T's always saying how she's just a small-town girl who grew up on a Christmas-tree farm in rural Pennsylvania, to which we say—go back to that town, Tay, and find your man! Then you can skip the tabloid drama altogether and you won't have to worry about his post-breakup tune toppin' the charts ("Much Better," ringing any bells?).

So, what say you Awful readers?

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