Katy Perry, Russell Brand

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Dear Ted:
Do you know if there is any truth to the rumor that Russell Brand is writing a tell-all about his marriage to Katy Perry? I am wondering if it is all made up to sell a magazine or there is actual truth, however little, to it.

Dear The Pen Is Mightier:
I wouldn't be too surprised if Russell wrote another book, K—he has two under his belt, after all, that dish all sorts of juicy deets about his life concerning drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll. And K.P. was part of his life for a bit, so it'd make sense that she'd pop up in his tawdry tales. That is, unless there was a nondisclosure clause between the twosome.

Dear Ted:
Couple of casting suggestions that may be way off. For the Sex and the City prequel TV series, how about Bryce Dallas Howard for Miranda and Leighton Meester for Charlotte? And for the Lifetime version of Liz Taylor, Tiffani Thiessen? She's got the face and the curves, no?

Dear Sex and the CW:
Bryce would make a fab Miranda, but she's too old for the target age group of the show. And Leighton was on our brainstorm list (as was Blake Livelyduh), but she's locked into another season of Gossip Girl still. As for your Liz casting, well…it's interesting. But who knows who they're going to pick!

Dear Ted:
Did Zac Efron and Taylor Swift go on a date a few days ago, or were they just chatting before doing promotion for that movie they're in together?

Dear Swiftron:
Methinks the latter, Moo. And I'm sure it won't be the last time they're out on the town together before their Dr. Seuss flick hits theaters.

Dear Ted:
Not really a question, just agreeing with the lack of PDA among stars. Seems they are trying to take a page out of Robsten's book. Problem? They ain't Robsten. I get wanting to keep things private, but you don't announce and then act coy.

Dear Sing It, Sister:
Especially for Starfield. If you're gonna strut your stuff—and flaunt your PDA—on the streets, why the heck not do it all glammed up on the red carpet too?!

Dear Ted:
I saw a video of Stacy Keibler and George Clooney in which they say they are going to Greece this summer. Does that mean we will have to suffer them as a couple until then? Wasn't she supposed to be just Oscar date Barbie? Is that really a serious relationship?

Dear A Broad Abroad:
The twosome has certainly lasted even longer than even I suspected. And while she's been great red carpet arm candy, the two actually seem to be having a lot of fun together. Who knew?! I wouldn't say they're soul mates, but it's definitely beyond Oscar Barbie bait.

Dear Ted:
Toothy Tile
and Grey Goose...on-again or off-again? Much love!

Dear Short and Sweet:
You know these two. One day they're hot ‘n' heavy, the next they're…anything but.

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