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McAwesome alert!

Today I hit the Grey's Anatomy set, where the likes of Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Caterina Scorsone, Kaydee Strickland, Paul Adelstein and A.J. Langer and others were shooting the big Grey's-Private Practice crossover event, set to air next month on ABC. So what went down? And what fan questions did I get answered?

Here's my live blog (from Twitter) with all the behind-the-scenes fun:

KristinDSantos: Fist pump. I have arrived.  

KristinDSantos: Breaking news: Lots of pretty people in these trailers. You heard it here first people.  

KristinDSantos: Ew. Someone is having a bad day. 

KristinDSantos: McFuntimes. Patrick and Caterina.

KristinDSantos: This is what they call "Video Village" on all TV sets.

KristinDSantos: If I put my name right here, McDreamy has to treat me, right?

KristinDSantos: Looking like I may be able to get Ellen, Chyler, KayDee, Caterina, Paul and poss. Sandra. Last call for Qs.

KristinDSantos: CharCoop FTW. they do know if AJ Langer is staying on the show. Need to liquor them up stat.

KristinDSantos: This is what AJ Langer calls her "death face". In other news I need a paper bag for my head

I don't think I'm getting Sandra but Ellen didn't sound too hopeful about Cristina and Owen. Sad trombone. 

KristinDSantos: I hope this isn't anyone we know. #greysanatomy #privatepractice
Kristin DSantos: I am praying Chyler will have time to talk. Join me in a prayer circle for Slexie scoop.
KristinDSantos: Aww hearing of some cute Callie + Arizona stuff coming up (Valentines Day). Still nothing on Mark and Lexie but I'm hoping!
KristinDSantos: Plaque outside studio. So much love shot inside these walls. Pouring a 40.
Kristin DSantos: That's a wrap. Didn't get Chyler or Sandra (boo) but overall lots of fun. Patrick said he loves PP crew so much he wants to stay. Cool?
KristinDSantos: Check for scoop soon on and .

KristinDSantos: In case it's not totally obvious, Patrick was just being nice. He's not um, actually moving to PrivatePractice. Hes just being sweet people!

Caterina Scorsone: Great seeing your lovely face. RT : McFuntimes. Patrick and Caterina.

KristinDSantos: You too! xo ": Great seeing your lovely face. RT : McFuntimes. Patrick and Caterina."

KristinDSantos: You guys are so great it makes my <3 hurt! Truestory. ": thanks for chatting & me on set of GA!"

(Originally published Jan. 20, 2012, at 1:20 p.m. PT)

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