Kyle Richards, Kim Richards

Todd Williamson/WireImage

We're happy to report that Beverly Hills Housewives star Kim Richards is doing very well since completing a stint in rehab.

Just days after the reality star hit the Weinstein Company's Golden Globes afterparty looking happy and healthy, her sister and TV costar Kyle Richards is now opening up about Kim's serious health issues and recovery...

"She's strong right now," Kyle told us last night at a signing for her new book Life Is Not a Reality Show at Barnes & Noble at the Grove mall in L.A. "We're taking every day day-by-day and just moving forward."

While we've seen Kyle and Kim's relationship hit major lows on the Bravo reality series, Kyle reveals they are much closer now. "We're the best we've been in a long time," she said. "I really feel like I have my sister back."

Of course, Kim is leaning on her family to help her with her issues. "Kathy [Hilton] and I are just there with her and supporting her and trying to keep her strong because anybody's who's gone through something like this knows it's very need your family and friends to support you."

Kim's well-being aside, Kyle says everything was not all hunky-dory when the cast recently filmed the series' season-two reunion special.

"Tears, tempers, you name it," she smirked. "[It was a] torture chamber. It was just going back over everything...we had to all of a sudden bring it up again and feelings get hurt again."

As for reports that show star Camille Grammer is being replaced next season and that Lisa Vanderpump is getting her own spinoff series? "Season three has not been picked up officially so those are all rumors," Kyle said. "None of that is solidified."

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