Jersey Shore

Still trying to get over last week's unfortunate news? Us, too.

Seeing Vinny leave the shore and Pauly D so upset about losing his bromance partner was a hard pill to swallow, and let's not forget, the other roommates had no idea because they were all out raging at the club.

And as you might have already guessed, they didn't take it too well, either.

After regretfully watching his man drive away in a cab, Pauly headed to the club to find everyone else and break the news. No one was happy to hear what happened, but no one took it as hard as Deena, who started sobbing the second she heard and continued crying after leaving Karma, getting back to the house, seeing Vin's stuff gone and venting to JWoww as the sun came up. (Yes, through all of that, there was runny mascara.)

In honor of their departed roomie and "meatball day," Deena and Snooki went off on their own adventure to get "wastey-pants." Mission accomplished! Snooks got so "mad drunk" she couldn't walk, even with the help of their new gay friends (of whom Deena looooves). Then it was time for a dance battle...

The dangerous duo started showing off their best "veteran" moves to a group of guy noobs who thought they were the ish on the dance floor, and they were holding their own—until both fell on the ground. Battle fail. And if you missed our exclusive clip, take a look to see what dancing so hard could do to a guidette's extentions (not pretty).

Everyone had their own little things that they did in memory of Vinny, including Ronnie wearing skinny jeans out to the club and Pauly bringing home girls that were DTF (not sure how that is different from any other night, but we'll go with it).

Then it was on to some drama with Mike and his boy The Unit, who wanted to play a little game of "Gym, Tan, The Truth Will Set You Free."

Just kidding! The Sitch's attempt to get at Snooki and Jionni was interrupted by a random fight that broke out involving Unit, who then got kicked out of the club. Wah-wah.

Everyone in the house gave Vinny a call to see how he's holding up, and although he said he was feeling better, it doesn't seem like he'll be returning to the shore house anytime soon. But there was no time to mope around, because it was Pauly and Mike's birthday weekend.

A Bosnian beauty who seemed down to give Pauly some birthday sex was a false alarm and instead tried to get with Mike (what?!), except The Situation was already preoccupied with his usual hookup Paula, who might become more than just a friend with benefits. Mike wifed up?! Possibly.

Surprise! Pauly's whole family stopped by to celebrate with their boy, and his mom (who clearly knows best) gave her son the greatest gift of all: She brought his barber from Rhode Island along and he gave Pauly D a clean cut making him fresh to death.

During dinner, Mike got a little depressed since it was his birthday, too, and all the attention was on Pauly. So he decided to take a little nap at the restaurant. Don't worry, he got woken up with frosting to the face. But his pity party didn't end there.

Once the guys got back to the house, they noticed that the girls made a cake for Pauly and not Mike. Ay-yi-yi. What gives? "That's what you get for being a f--king douche bag," explained Snooki.

Don't get him wrong, guys. Mike's an "emotional dude" and sick of always being "the bad guy." So much so that he dipped out. Possibly forever.

And then there were six.

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