Sex and the City Prequel: Team Truth Takes on The Carrie Diaries Casting—Here Are Our Top Picks!

Dianna Agron, Lindsay Lohan, and Dakota Fanning top our wish list for the Sex and the City prequel

By Team Truth Jan 20, 2012 3:45 PMTags
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Carrie Bradshaw is coming back. And Sarah Jessica Parker has nothing to do with it.

The CW is instead adapting the Young Adult book series The Carrie Diaries (also by Sex and the City author Candance Bushnell) for the boob tube. Which means we'll get some face time with Carrie before she was taking the sexy city by storm.

And while we've suggested some actresses to play younger SATC gals before (as have our friends), we've retooled our picks to make it more TV appropriate—and, uh, more realistic. So without further ado, we present you with Team Truth's parfait take (if we do say so ourselves) on the fab foursome:

Dianna Agron as Carrie Bradshaw

We know SJP wants to play young Carrie herself, Avatar style, and that Miley Cyrus at one point said she'd love to take on the role, but Dianna Agron is at the top of our Wish List. Di's proven that she can (sometimes) play the gal with a heart of gold and brains to boot on Glee, which are essential for Carrie.

And can't we all agree it's about time Dianna landed a leading role?

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Lindsay Lohan as Samantha

Ok, this one was even controversial amongst Team Truth, but hear us out: we really think this could be Lindsay's killer comeback role. Young Samantha is supposed to be 25 at the time and living it up in NY. We think Linds can pull off the sometimes over-the-top broad that Sam becomes and it'll be nice to see her dolled-up weekly on the small screen.

So are we absolutely crazy on this one or can you dig it?

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Camilla Belle as Charlotte

Last, but certainly not least, is the oh-so-conservative Charlotte. She hasn't made a splashy debut in the book series yet, but we think Camilla Belle certainly has the look, the poise, and that air of hoity toighty-ness to do future Charlotte justice. Plus, she's so damn gorgeous that we want to see her in more stuff, stat!

So what do you think of our casting choices, Awful Truthers? Are we totally off the mark and you hate every single one of our choices or do you think we've got a solid cast worthy of the CW limelight…not to mention the Sex and the City legacy?!