Courtney Love

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It may have been a "weird as heck" problem, but it is a problem no more!

E! News confirms that singer Courtney Love has won a lawsuit filed against her by her landlord and will no longer be evicted from her Manhattan townhouse.

Love's landlord filed the eviction lawsuit, claiming she owed $54,000 for two months of back rent—but Love contended she she didn't. 

Her attorney Eric Sherman tells E! News the court granted their motion for summary judgment to dismiss the landlord's claims and tossed out the case today.

"We are very pleased the court agreed with our position and the court granted Courtney's motion dismissing the landlord's case. Courtney is not being evicted. As the court properly determined, the lawsuit was wrongly filed in the wrong place because Courtney was current on her rent. In fact, she paid her rent on time if not before the due date every month. We have always said this was a baseless claim in which the landlord was in correctly seeking future rent. And the court agreed. "

Yay! Everything's solved, right? Wrong.

Love was also held accountable for a small fire that allegedly destroyed the curtains and bed linens in the room, according to the building's attorney, Norman Flitt, but this was not addressed in court.

Guess the door on this isn't fully shut, yet.

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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