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Dear Ted:
Thanks for answering my recent question on my fave duo Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. I'm wondering now if you have any scoop about the rampant rumors that they are expecting a baby? They've been laying so low lately and the one pic of them in months (from last week) seemed to show a possible "baby bump" and now all the rumors of pregnancy that haven't been addressed by her rep. Is it possible we'll be seeing a little A-List/hipster baby in 2012?
Hoping for baby news

Dear Hipster Hottie In The Making?:
Jen's busy blaming her rumored baby bump on weight gain from kicking her ciggie habit, so don't expect the gal to dish any juicy deets. And while Jen may have simply gained a few lbs., we'd be delighted to see this couple have a babe of their own. We hear they're only getting more serious, sounds like the par-fait next move for the super cool couple, no?

Dear Ted:
I'm hearing rumors that Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis are on the outs! Say it ain't so! I thought they were one of those rare couples that survive the rise to fame. What have you heard?

Dear Trouble In Paradise:
There are certainly rumors swirling, doll, but Vanessa and Johnny are staying mum on the official status of their relaysh. I won't confirm a break-up, but I will say something's definitely up—they haven't walked the red carpet together in over a year, not a good sign for any couple.

Dear Ted:
Megan Fox or Lindsay Lohan for Elizabeth Taylor? Horrible idea, both of them! Megan looks more like her physically but doesn't have the curves anymore. And both Fox and Lohan are vapid. Elizabeth Taylor was never vapid.

Dear Vapid Vixens:
You're correct in saying Elizabeth was never vapid—gal's one of the most inspiring Hollywood legends. And while I'm not a fan of Lohan playing the part, I think Megan has a much better shot at the role. Besides, curves are easy to create, but finding someone with the beauty and talent to play Elizabeth, now that's tough. Any other ideas, Jacquie?

Dear Ted:
Let's put the spotlight back on Taylor Swift, will we? She's been too quiet lately, don't you think? Why is that? Too many boyfriends in the past? And, speaking of which, whose from them were the most important to her?

Dear Crash and Burn:
Quiet? Gal just rocked the cover of Vogue, so I'd hardly say she's entirely out of the spotlight. As for the most important men in her life? I'd go with John Mayer and Joe Jonas—you don't pen songs like "Forever and Always" and "Dear John" without some serious feelings for the dudes.

Dear Ted:
With our golden couple Robsten being so MIA lately (they have to venture out sometime) is it likely that they have broken up and are being told to lay low as some are saying, or are they just acting like an old married couple?

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Dear Playing The Fame Game:
You're forgetting Rob and Kris have never been comfortable with all the Twilight hype, so I'd say this is all very typical Robsten behavior. The couple's playing coy per usual, and as much as we'd love at least one sighting of our favorite duo, I'll even admit, I'm glad the couple's getting a much needed break from those insane Twi-hards.

Dear Ted:
I support Lana Del Rey too. No doubt, live audience on SNL, even seasoned pros get nervous!

Dear Lana Lovin':
We're sure LDR appreciates the kind words, Val, since you're one of the few not going for the jugular. And hey, no matter who has what opinion on the performance, we can all at least agree that her hair looked gorgeous, right?!

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