Reeve Carney, Ashley Greene

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Dear Ted:  
What's the scoop on Ashley Greene and her man Reeve Carney? My fiancé and I sat next to them at dinner the other night at NYC hot spot La Esquina. They were very focused on one another and lovey-dovey throughout dinner—lots of over the table kisses and hand holding. I'd love some goss' so please tell me it's not as wondrous as it seems and that they're hiding some Vicey secrets!

Dear Spiderman Man Candy:
Either way, they make one good-looking couple. And who cares that Reeve once said he has a crush on Kristen Stewart. But I wonder if he's asked Ashley what Kristen's like in person. Hmmm. Maybe he'll get to meet K.Stew if Ashley brings him as her date to the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere and…wait, what was your Q again? Oh, Vices! Ashley is no stranger to monikers. Reeve is…or was, at least. Now go smooch your fiancé instead of spyin' on celebs!!

Dear Ted:
Is Crotch Uh-lastic coming out of the closet any time soon?

Dear Snapped:
Not if he has anything to say about it. Though, these days it's looking like he might not…

Dear Ted:
Was wondering what is going with poor Strippa Rip-Ya. Is she still finding excuses for her horrible hubby or has she finally gotten out? Always wondered who she was, and how come a diva of her standing accepted being treated like that behind closed doors!

Dear Ripped Apart:
Ol' Strip isn't making excuses for anyone these days. But to answer your second Q: it's complicated. SR-Y was always quick with an excuse to defend her horrible husband. Sometimes love blinds you to what's actually going down…sad, eh?

Dear Ted:
What in the world is going on with Cameron Diaz? Excuse me for being a little harsh as I was never a fan of Cammie but she is looking horrible like all the time! Did you see her at the GG afterparties? Her career ain't what it used to be and she keeps dating gross guys. Have her Vices gotten the best of her?

Dear Charlie's Fallen Angel:
That's a bit more than a little harsh, doll. And I thought Bad Teacher was hilarious, thank you very much. But as for the BVs: Cameron's naughty little secrets should actually keep her looking younger. But they might explain her lackluster love life, come to think of it…

Dear Ted:
Give us something on Cory Monteith! Surely, he has to have some sort of Vice? He's too hot and seems way too nice and down to earth? Is it an act? What about him and Lea Michele? Seems like they've been hitting Hollywood hard together lately!

Dear More on Monteith:
No Vices that I've scrounged up. Cory is actually a pretty stand-up guy and definitely one of the least goss' worthy behind-the-scenes of Glee. As for his supposed relaysh with Ms. Michele, I've weighed in before: they're close, yes, but not hot and heavy close.

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