Ashlan Gorse, Vanilla Ice

This week I was able to check something off my bucket list: rapping with Vanilla Ice. Yes, you read that right.

Growing up in the '90s I just loved "Ice Ice Baby." I knew, and still know, every single word to that song. I totally remember dancing around on my roller skates at the roller rink with my friends, just rapping along.  And I actually contemplated shaving vertical lines into my eyebrows for a brief second but realized that look was best left to men. New Kids On The Block were never my thing; my middle school crush was on Rob Van Winkle.

Rob came to E! to talk about the second season of his DIY network show The Vanilla Ice Project, premiering January 21st at 9pm. He buys homes, fixes them up with his buddies and flips them, all the while cameras are rolling.  He is like a cuter, modern day Bob Vila

I was shocked at how nice he was. Our conversation was funny and laid-back.  And yes, I totally geeked out and asked for a photo at the end. I was so pumped after the interview I celebrated by driving home with my ragtop down so my hair could blow… check!

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