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"Our whole universe was in a hot dense state, then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait..."

We won't sing the whole song for you (although we're proud to say we can) we just wanted to get you pumped up in anticipation for tonight's 100th episode of The Big Bang Theory! We interviewed our favorite geek-chic cast at their 100th episode bash and we've got all the scoop on tonight's "quirky" and deceitfully fun plot twists...

Creator Chuck Lorre revealed that the audience can expect to see an homage to the pilot in tonight's episode. "Well, we're kind of circling back to where we started with Leonard and Penny. That romance is where we started and it felt right to kind of come back to that in the 100th episode."

There are plenty of small touches throughout the episode that are going to make even the most devoted BBT fans feel appreciated. Fun fact: When Leonard comes in to ask Penny on another "first date" she is wearing the same shirt as the pilot when he first laid eyes on her across the hall. Awww!

"The writers wanted to do something special for the 100th and I think they accomplished that," the always-adorable Kaley Cuoco told us. "It's like one we've never done before. It's kind of a mind game. You won't figure it out until the end."

Golden Globe nominee Johnny Galecki echoed her thoughts saying there are a lot of "layers" to this episode. "There's a big twist, a bigger twist than I think we've ever done on this show." Galecki continues. "It's a departure for us, there's a lot of nearby parallel universes and fantasies."

Melissa Rauch gave us more of an explanation: "It's kind of a journey with Leonard and Penny and revealing what may happen with them and the rest of the cast is looking on."

Keyword here being "may." Let's put our speculation caps on, shall we? We're guessing that this episode is going to feature some alternate parallel universe in which Leonard and Penny explore their feeling for each other but in the end it's not the reality that we've been watching for the past 100 episodes. Deep, huh?

But if Leonard and Penny are going to be out on another "first date," what is Sheldon going to be up to? Fixating on a life-size cardboard cutout of Spock of course!

"I think Sheldon is up to being typical Sheldon; he's not making any great strides in that episode," Jim Parsons tells us with a smile. "I spend a decent amount of time playing a certain board game with Wolowitz and Koothrappali and it was a nice just "staying the course" episode for me." And after the excitement and perfection of last week's first Shamy kiss, fans will probably be all right with Sheldon's normal neurotics. 

Whatever happens in tonight's episode is sure to be a memorable experience and something that everyone will be talking about tomorrow. Galecki sums it up: "I can tell you it's one of my favorite episodes. It might be our proudest moment." 

Take a gander below at this sneak peak clip of Leonard and Penny on their second first date from tonight's episode!

Make sure to check out the 100th episode of The Big Bang Theory tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS!

What are your speculations for tonight's episode? What is your favorite BBT moment of all time? Do you want Penny and Leonard back togehter so much it hurts?! Send us your hypotheis and theories in the comments!

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