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Ok, we knew a Friends reunion flick was a long shot.

Everyone is really busy these days—Jennifer Aniston with her blockbuster career, Courteney Cox on the hi-lar-ious Cougar Town (which finally has a season premiere date) and David Schwimmer, probably, with those Madagascar movies—but we just had to ask.

And we were told by one of the stars that it really is a no go:

"No plans to do a movie," Matt LeBlanc—who played the goofy, lady-lovin' Joey on Friends and just nabbed a Golden Globe for his work on his new series, Episodes—dished to us backstage at the awards show.

But that's not a definitive no, is it, Matty? As in, there could be plans in the future? Probably not.

"I just think it would be weird," he continued.

Hold on a sec: Weird?! As in, you think it would be totally bizarre to even imagine how many millions of dollars the flick would drum up at the box office?

Hardly. Matt explained to us his take on what could be: "Well you know how the book is usually better than the movie? I kind of feel that's the same thing here."

We understand your concerns, MLB, Sex and the City was mega-successful during its run on HBO and was…well, mega-successful at the theaters too, but not quite up to snuff, quality-wise.

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To which we say: We can't quite imagine anyone pitching a flick where Joey and the gang head to Abu Dhabi (lookin' at you, SATC2). If Friends stuck to its roots, it would be just as funny in Cineplexes as it was for 10 seasons on the boob tube.

But since Matt doesn't really seem into it we have another idea: It'd cost a gajillion dollars to get the whole cast back together anyway (they were racking in a million dollars per ep their final season), so what if only the girls came back?

Heck, they wouldn't even have to play Rachel, Monica and Phoebe. We just kinda want to see them all together in something again.

But what say you, longtime Friends fans? Is it an all or nothing deal for you when it comes to reteaming the old gang? Would you even want a movie in the first place? Sound off in the comments!

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