Brad Pitt's World War Z: Zombies "Taking Over" Vampire Craze, Says Costar

Exclusive! Twilight, who? A-list actor's big screen costar dishes on upcoming action flick and possible trilogy

By Marc Malkin, Brett Malec Jan 19, 2012 8:27 PMTags
Brad Pitt, Mireille EnosSWNS / Splash News, Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Move over, Twilight!

Brad Pitt is coming to town and he's bringing zombies with him.

In fact, it sounds like Mr. Pitt's upcoming action flick World War Z could be the thing that drives a stake through the heart of Hollywood's vampire craze...

"It's like zombies are the new vampires," Mireille Enos, who plays Pitt's wife in the movie, told us at the Golden Globes. "It's taking over. But somebody said to me this movie might end the zombie genre because, after this, what else is there to do? It's huge!"

Turns out what's next could be two more  zombie films. Echoing what costar James Badge Dale recently told us, Enos said it's very possible World War Z will become a trilogy.

"It was [going to be] from the beginning," the Killing starlet revealed. "That was the hope, that if the first one turned out the way we all anticipate, that it would be great to turn it into a trilogy. It's exciting."

Now we want to hear from you. Do you think Brad Pitt and zombies can overtake the vampire craze? Sink your teeth into the comments below.

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