21 Jump Street Poster

Reports are rampant that Johnny Depp has split from long-time girlfriend and mother of his children, Vanessa Paradis, after 14 years together.

As I write this, the split has not been officially confirmed. As most everyone knows, the mysterious couple has been incredibly private about their lives together and ferociously protective of their two children. In true suave Johnny fashion, he's always managed to delicately dance around questions about his "one true love" and his family.

All that aside, I gotta say, I never saw this coming.  Anyone who knows me well knows I am massive J.D. fan. I've interviewed him a handful of times and two pictures of him hang in my E! News office. One of a young and restless Johnny as the star of 21 Jump Street, framed above my desk. Another of him and I recently during our interview for The Rum Diaries.

In my, ahem, 15-plus years of interviewing celebrities, Johnny still stands out as one of the greats. He looks you in the eye when he speaks. When he walks in the room, he says hello to every crew member, the producer, the camera guys—everyone. As a bonus, you can pretty much always count on him running his fingers through his long dark locks as he talks. And when he's up for it, he shares that little half grin. I consider it a sweet parting gift to take with me when I leave.  Come on, you know the one.

As a reporter, as a mega fan, and as a woman who yes has literally met Johnny in her dreams a time or two, I'm actually a little sad about today's news. Sure, selfishly, chicks around the world are rejoicing and are like—finally, I've got my shot!  But for me, if in fact these two are dunzo, I'm just kinda bummed. Another day in Hollywood, another one bites the dust.

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