Blind Vice diva

Dear Ted:
So, about Carol Anne Sausage-Snatcher. I have a theory that doesn't seem to be catching on. I was wondering: How did her plan for a baby to hold onto her man work out? Did she manage to keep the relationship together? Or was the last ditch effort not quite enough?

Dear In It to Win It:
Carol Anne and her man are actually still very much together. As for her master plan? Let's just say it's still in the works. Ms. Sausage-Snatcher wants some long-term relaysh security and the baby route is her sure-fire bet. I'd love to hear your so controversial theory though, babe!

Dear Ted:  
Has Terry Tush-Trade ever had any same-sex dalliances with a much older costar? If so, did it occur fairly recently or more in the distant past? Thanks!

Dear Terry's Little Black Book:
Hmmm, good question, Stevie. Triple T has played tonsil hockey with more than a few of her lady costars. But she tends to prefer the chicks she swaps spit (and whatever else) with to be on the younger side.

Dear Ted:
You say that you "love" Lea Michele (right…you love to hate her) but how do Hollywood producers feel about Lea? She is a talented actress and I hope to see her doing more movies soon, because she could work on movies and still work on Glee.

Dear Gleek Goddess:
The Tinseltown bigwigs feel the same way about Lea that I do. Take that however you want, snarky little Lillo. Lea's a megatalent and will do just fine for herself, but her über-demanding Glee schedule is her main priority right now.

Dear Ted:
I'm still stumped by Brucey Huskers. Has he publicly "dated" anyone since his split?

Dear Rebounded:
Nope. Brucey is still single and probably not ready to mingle…well, not just yet at least.

Dear Ted:
I noticed in the trailer for The Hunger Games that it looks like Prim is the one giving Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) the pin and not Madge. I haven't seen anything on who's playing Madge. So I guess what I'm getting at is that they cut her out completely which kinda bums me out...have you heard anything on why they would do this? Thanks!
—B in Alaska

Dear Material Girl No More:
It's true, B, it looks like the chickie was cut from the script. Blame it on creative liberties when adapting a book to the big screen. The only reason I'm disappointed is that it would have been a killer little role for Dianna Agron to get her face back in theaters.

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