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Here at the Awful Truth, we idolize Elizabeth Taylor, so it should come as no surprise we have very strong opinions on who should play the Hollywood legend.

And when we heard Lindsay Lohan was the front-runner for the role, we must admit we were a bit annoyed since we believe another broad can do it better.

So now that Megan Fox is up for the part as well, we must turn to you Awful readers to decide who can really channel the beauty and poise of Ms. Taylor.

And honestly, is anyone worthy enough to play Elizabeth?

Kate Winslet, Nikki Reed, Leighton Meester, Kim Kardashian

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You bet. And it's most definitely Kate Winslet—not only does the gal have the talent to pull off Taylor, but her British wit and curvy bod makes her perfect for the part.

Only problem? This is a Lifetime movie we're talkin'  about, and while we would kill to see Winslet on basic cable, we doubt such an A-list actress would sign on for the project. Hey Kate? Consider this our plea…

But if we can't choose our dream diva, perhaps we could give Nikki Reed a shot? Ya know the gal is itching to break away from her vampy role, and dare we suggest the Twilight drama could help her pull it off? (Hey, Taylor was no stranger to scandal.)

Or maybe we should tap a Gossip girl for the role, say Leighton Meester? After all, we've already said Blake would make a phenomenal Grace Kelly and Leighton's role on the boob tube has definitely prepped her to play Hollywood royalty, not to mention she'd make a beautiful Elizabeth.

But, dare we say, the best of them all could be Kim Kardashian? Between the curves, the ‘tude, and her personal Elizabeth Taylor obsession—with the right director, we think Kim K. could definitely channel Ms. T.

Or perhaps we'd be smart to stick with Megan Fox, we like her a whole lot better than Lohan and we know the gal could work her sex appeal.

Then again, this is a Lifetime movie we're talkin' about—Jennifer Love Hewitt, it could be your time to shine again! (The Client List, anyone?)

Awful's Elizabeth Taylor Poll!
Who¿s worthy enough to play the Hollywood legend?
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