Rima Fakih

AP Photo/Gary Malerba

Rima Fakih isn't talking, but at least she's no longer in denial.

"Of course she's remorseful," her attorney, W. Otis Culpepper, told reporters today following a hearing on Fakih's DUI case, the former Miss USA's first appearance in court.

Calling his client a woman of "substantial character," Culpepper said that he's prepared to go to trial but anticipates a "proper conclusion" will be reached beforehand.

But what did Fakih, who at first denied being the "Rima Fakih" who was busted for alleged drunk driving in the Detroit area last month, have to say after court?

"I apologize," she said. "My lawyer doesn't want me to talk."

It's presumable that he doesn't want her to tweet, either, considering her first impulse after being released from custody was to insist people had the "wrong Fakih." (The ill-advised tweet was soon deleted.)

But at least the tweet she posted a few hours ago seems pretty benign: "Sometimes things appear to be going wrong, when in reality they are just being re-arranged for the right outcome!"

According to police, the 2010 Miss USA winner, whose reign ended as scheduled last June, was pulled over Dec. 3 after cops spotted her weaving through traffic at 60 mph. An officer at the scene said that there was an open bottle of champagne on the floor behind the driver's seat.

Fakih's blood-alcohol level was later determined to be 0.20, more than double the legal limit.

A March 14 trial date has been set, but, as Fakih's lawyer said, he expects her case to be resolved with a plea deal.

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