The Office

He's baaack...or is he?

Viewers of The Office did double takes last week (thank god for TiVo) when, during the trivia game-themed episode, the camera briefly zoomed in on one particular member of the opposing team—and couldn't help but notice, beneath the suspiciously hirsute beard, out-of-control eyebrows and slicked-back hair, an uncanny resemblance between the glorified extra and one Michael Scott.

Sneaky, sneaky. But was that really Steve Carell?

Well, no one's saying for sure, but the fans have certainly seemed to make up their mind about the is-it-or-isn't-it cameo.

NBC had no comment on the possible drop-in and the cast (at least those of them on Twitter) have also failed to spill the beans.

But come on, would the producers really have cast someone as eerily reminiscent of their dearly departed star by accident? Or is this just wishful thinking on the part of the audience?

Tell us, do you think this is Steve Carell or just a coincidence?

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