GLEE: Lea Michele


Well, lookie there. You all have opinions.

To the shock of precisely no one, Glee's "Finchel" was a hot trending topic world wide last night, as fans tuned in to see spoiler alert! Finn (Cory Monteith) propose to Rachel (Lea Michele) in one of the show's most surprising moments yet.

So will Rachel say yes?

For now, we only know what Cory Monteith spilled in our exclusive interview (you read it, right?), that Rachel will "respond in song...Of course!" We have to wait two long weeks to find out whether Rachel wil agree to marry Finn, when the next Glee episode will pick right up with Finn on one knee.

In the meantime, given that "#RachelSayNo" and "#Finchel" were both trending worldwide on Twitter last night, it's time for you to weigh in on what you're hoping will happen.

Is Rachel emotionally ready for this kind of matrimonious step? Or is the storyline ludicrous given their age?

Weigh in down below in our Finchel Vs. Rachel Say No poll!

Cory says this storyline has been a "long time coming," so you can probably guess which side he's on...

Glee: Should Rachel Say Yes?
How should Rachel respond to Finn's marriage proposal?
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