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Bridesmaids may have lost at the Golden Globes, but don't think goofy gals Maya Rudolph and Wendi McLendon-Covey spent the night in sorrow—in fact, both ladies were in great spirits when we caught up with them at Golden Globe afterparties.

 After all, the most important race (the Oscars, duh) is just around the corner and these chicks haven't lost hope!

 So do the gals still believe the funny flick has a shot at landing the big O?

And what's up with the illusive sequel? Are all the never-ending questions getting a tad annoying for these chicas?

You bet. But maybe not for the reason you'd think.

"It's really nice. But, eh, I'm a little sick of it. Because I can't deliver. But it's OK," Maya Rudolph told us rather good-heartedly at the InStyle/Warner Bros. Globes bash.

And since Kristen Wiig has officially spilled there are no plans for a sequel, it looks like the babes may not have to ward off those inquiries for much longer.

 As for a possible sequel without Kristen? McLendon-Covey found that idea even more absurd:

 "I don't even know who released that story…Someone just wanted to generate a response, that's what I think," she explained to us on the NBCUniversal post-G.G. soiree red carpet.

So while our dreams of a sequel may be crushed for now (hey, if The Hangover did it, we say Bridesmaids should definitely give it a go), we have faith the funnygals can take the Oscars by storm, and Wendi totally agrees:

"I still think that for best original screenplay Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumulo could be nominated for that. I really think they could be," she gushed over her costars.

As they should!

But even if the babes don't bring home any awards, you can still expect to hear some jokes from the bunch.

"We are all presenting at the Oscars," Wendi revealed excitedly.

What fab news for us Bridesmaids fans—at least if Billy Crystal can't make us laugh, we know these babes will totally bring it!

But what say you, Awful readers? Does Bridesmaids still have a shot at an Oscar nomination? 

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