Stick a bunch of beautiful women in one room to compete for a guy like Ben Flajnik's heart and whaddya get? A "classic case of mean-girlism," according to Ashley Hebert.

E! News caught up with the ex-Bachelorette today to talk about The Bachelor's new season with the one she turned away, and Hebert was gracious enough to give us her expert analysis on Monday night's crazy episode...

"I have so many thoughts on last night's show. First of all, how mean can these girls be?! It was a classic case of mean-girlism, that's all I have to say about it," Hebert told us. "I cannot believe the way Shawntel was treated by some of the other girls. It absolutely blows my mind."

Ashley didn't exactly care much for the girls' "below the belt comments" and feels it's "bad judgment" on their part. Instead she urges the ladies to, "have a good experience, get to know the other girls, form friendships, you know? That's probably what you're going to take away from this."

And for those "nasty girls," you should probably rethink your game plan.

"What guy wants to be with a girl that's nasty to other people? You want the girl that you're with to, you know, get along with your friends, get along with your family…it's not really a good indication of that.

It's almost as if they're being competitive. If you're in this to be competitive and to beat everyone else, it's kind of wasting everyone's time. Because the truth is, you can't have a real relationship out of it, you know? I was lucky enough to walk away with that, and I hope that Ben's lucky enough to walk away with that, too."

—Reporting by James Chairman

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