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Bam. Now that's what we call a TV shocker!

Let's just say if you haven't seen the jaw-dropping final moments of tonight's Glee yet, you better run away, and fast!

I just got off the phone with shock-master Cory Monteith himself, who dished on the scene he believes will "blow a couple people's heads off!", what happens next (Rachel responds!), and confirmed what all you fans have been dying to hear straight from Cory's mouth:

"I will be back!"

Yeah, no need to worry about Cory going anywhere. Cause Rachel's fiancé (whoa?!) confirms he is staying on the show past this season! "I will be graduating from William McKinley High School and I will be returning to Glee in season four."

Holler. So there you have it. On the record.

As for tonight's truly most surprising Glee moment yet, where Finn got down on one knee and proposed to Rachel, Cory couldn't be happier with how it turned out, thanks to director Eric Stoltz. "The cliffhanger is so effective at the end of the episode, right?" Cory muses. "You really don't see it coming! Even when he's down on one knee, you think he's going to give her a promise ring or something, you know what I mean? It was brilliantly done by [Stoltz]. There's so much personal investment. I can speak for Lea and myself, we're just so invested in these characters that the payoff was amazing. It was an amazing experience to do that scene. It was the most exciting scene I've ever done on the show!"

Cory reveals that the next episode of Glee will pick up right where this episode left off. "Yes, you will [see Rachel's response]. And in proper Glee fashion, she responds to the proposal in the form of a song. Of course!" Of. Course.

So why'd Finn pop the big Q now? "Finn has some real, real feelings for Rachel that lead toward it," Cory explains, "but I think he's also trying to hang on to something. He's trying to keep the love locked down. You know what I'm saying? He's trying to hang on to what he considers to be the one good thing in life he has going, which is his relationship with Rachel. He feels like it's his. He's kind of down on himself because everyone knows what they're doing; everyone knows where they're going and he doesn't. And the one thing he knows he wants is Rachel. He's in love with her."

When asked if Finn finally took Kurt's season-one "Single Ladies" lyrics to heart, Cory laughs, "That's totally what he's trying to do. He's trying to put a ring on it!"

And now, the money quote that'll really get you Finchel (Finn and Rachel) fans to blow your lids. (You are welcome.) Here's what Cory has to say about his chemistry with Lea: "It was always there. Right when we started the show, that's very much the way it was and I never had trouble acting in scenes with Lea, she just gives so much. She really does. In front of the camera, she gives a lot to me opposite her. So that was always there. And then three years later, we just have so much to draw from, there's so many episodes, there's so many experiences between these characters, there's so much backstory now, which is kind of the brilliant thing about television. There's so much to draw on. It just builds a level of trust. I really feel like I can go anywhere I need to go. Specifically for that proposal scene, I could get a little mushy and just play it really natural with Finn, especially with Rachel."

Check back bright and early tomorrow for part two of my chat with Cory Monteith, who exclusively reveals whether he is playing a janitor next year (jokes, people, jokes) and more scoop!

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