George Clooney, Stacy Keibler

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Dear Ted:
The photo of George Clooney and Stacy Keibler in the white dress at the Critics' Choice Awards must have set off 1,000 wedding rumors! Intentional on her part? What say you oh wise one? And good god, Ted! Was it my imagination, or did Clooney actually make a reference to the size of Michael Fassbender's member at the Golden Globes?
Jessica and Como

Dear Wedding Gowns and Groin Grumbles:
Slow the marriage train, J&C, because while these two certainly seem to be having fun (and why wouldn't they be?), neither is ready to commit to a lifetime just yet. That's right, even Stacy isn't itching to tie the knot at the moment. As for Georgey name-checking Fassy's junk? Yep, that happened all right. Fabulous, no?

Dear Ted:
Two more post-Globes questions for you. Do Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara get along? How about Angelina Jolie and George Clooney? Neither pair looked too happy with each other. Thanks!

Dear Smile and Bare It:
Yes and yes. I'm not talking best friendships here, but Jules and Sofia definitely have a fabulous relaysh chock-full of teasing each other. As for Ange and Clooney? That one's based on mutual respect, actually.

Dear Ted:
So Dianna Agron will most likely not return to Glee next season? Why would they let go of one of the more popular actors especially when according to your video, she is going to be a movie star? Is there bad blood on set? And what about contracts? Isn't she tied to some long-term contract? What's the scoop?

Dear Gone but Not Forgotten:
Deets on Dianna's probable departure are slim—and Team Agron is keeping their lips sealed on confirmation—but Di's fellow Gleeks have definitely hinted at what I've been telling you forever: Dianna is done with McKinley High and on to big-screen stuff. Looks like the bigwigs were nice enough to bid her adieu.

Dear Ted:
I've recently gotten into True Blood and finally understand the appeal of Alexander Skarsgård. That man is seriously sex on a very tall stick. Given my newfound crush, I got to thinking of how odd he and Kate Bosworth were together. I know you've mentioned in the past that they were never serious but I'm dying to know if they were actually a in, you know, knocking boots?

Dear Blood in the Tabloid Water:
If you look at it on paper, these two were the perfect match: Leggy? Check. Gorgeous? Check. Blonde? Double check. But in reality it was all snooze and no sex appeal.

Dear Ted:
White Collar returned last night bringing Matt Bomer and his blue eyes back to my TV set. I'm curious why you've never championed Bomer for Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games. Since Finnick is described as the most beautiful man in all of the districts, who else could possibly play the part other than the perfect Bomer?
Signed, Bomer for Finnick!

Dear Casting Couch:
I will campaign for Matt Bomer for every role ever, babe. But do you think if he got to appear alongside drool-worthy Jennifer Lawrence, it might just be too much pretty for one screen?!

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