Ricky Gervais, Rufio

Well, the critics did say the show went to the dogs.

But prior to hosting the Golden Globes for the third time Sunday night, Ricky Gervais bumped into a new best friend while strolling along Rodeo Drive. 

So, was it this friendly punk-rock pooch that helped sweeten Ricky's act a bit? 

Ricky Gervais, Rufio

Courtesy of Kathyrn Dunlap

Not if you want to take the comic's word for it.

"So along with this guy," Ricky wrote on his blog, "I'm not scared of bumping into annoyed celebs after the Globes." Yes, Hollywood can be ruff.

We're sure the dog, Rufio, would have caused a different kind of stir than Uggie the Dog did had he accompanied the funnyman to the Globes. 

But Rufio's owner, Kathryn Dunlap hopes Gervais' mention of the mohawk-sporting pooch will help catapult (dogapult?) Rufio to doggie stardom. Because, wouldn't you just know, Rufio's in the business. Indeed, he was in town filming a PetSmart commercial.

"I think he felt a kinship with Ricky!," Dunlap told E! News. "Ricky saw Rufio and came over. He asked if Rufio was nice and my husband said that he could do anything to Rufio, so Ricky got down to Rufio's level, kissed and hugged him and pulled on his big long wrinkly flaps. It was so cute!"

"They posed like the best pals," Dunlap continued. "Ricky said Rufio was 'brilliant.' Ricky Gervais was so incredibly nice to us, and his smile and laugh [are] so infectious! I have been working so hard to get Rufio's career started and I think just this one picture with Ricky might have made a huge difference!!"

All hail Ricky Gervais, canine kingmaker!

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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