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It's been compared to Lost and Fringe, but will it find the same loyal following? 

J.J. Abrams' highly anticipated new drama Alcatraz premiered on Fox tonight and we're curious to know what y'all thought of it, considering we really enjoyed it. Give us Abrams, Jorge Garcia, a mysterious island, some time travel and we're in. Yeah, we're easy like that. 

So let's get to it: It's time to tell us what you thought of Alcatraz...

Starring Lost vet Garcia, Sarah Jones and Sam Neill, Alcatraz had one of the most ambitious premises out of all the midseason newbies: Hundreds of the country's worst criminals (all the inmates and guards at Alcatraz) suddenly disappear one night in 1963 and begin reappearing in modern times. Jones, who gives off an Anna Torv vibe, plays Rebecca Madsen, a detective investigating a murder with ties to the prison. See, it was committed by an inmate. If that weren't enough, Rebecca has a surprising family connection to the prison that's too good to spoil. 

Garcia plays Diego Soto, an expert on the prison and comic book geek (love it!) whom Rebecca turns to for help. Garcia's Soto offers up some comic relief, which balances nicely with Jones' serious detective vibe. Together, they must answer a whole bunch of questions: Who took the prisoners? Where did they go? Why are they coming back now? And, of course, they have to stop them from committing more crimes. Neill plays a government agent who knows much more about the prison than he lets on. Shady McShadester is his name, being shady is his game.

While we were initially nervous that Alcatraz would feel like an expanded stand-alone episode of Fringe, or a Lost knock-off, the concept completely works, thanks to the great performances. The standout? Jeffrey Pierce as Jack Sylvane, the first inmate we meet, who is compelling and pretty darn attractive. He doesn't offend our eyes, that's all we're saying.  

Save It or Sink It, Jan. 16

Now it's your turn. Vote in our latest Save It or Sink It poll and then head on over to the comments to tell us why you'll be tuning in to Alcatraz again...or why you're already deleting your season pass. Ready, set, go!

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