Golden Globes, Grabs

Yeah, a major job perk is being invited to all the Golden Globes after parties, and this year was no exception. Here's what shook my globe and what didn't:

1. Diddy slipping on his sunglasses when a photog came up to take a pic of him at the HBO party. Always love a celeb who dons the shades after sundown. Or way after sundown for that matter!

2. Modern Family's Julie Bowen posing for pics with fans (including my starstruck friend) in the lobby of the Beverly Hilton well into the night. And she was gorgeous.

3. Elle Macpherson looking very sexy on the red carpet. At 47, proof some things get better with age. 

4. Kim K having a good sense of humor about Ricky Gervais busting on her on carpet at the InStyle bash.

Golden Globes, Grabs

5. Dustin Hoffman ditching his jacket and loosening his tie and just being cooool. (see pic)

6. The drizzle at HBO's poolside party was very un-Hollywood. Rain, rain, stay away, come back when it's not Globes day!

7. Stacy Keibler, in red, glowing like a princess as her BF George won Best Actor. Love the fairy tale.

8. Ashlan Gorse, my esteemed E! News colleague, hugging and nuzzling with me outside the InStyle party as she looked an awful lot like a latter-day Ginger from Gilligan's Island.

9. Mr. Gray Beard Brad Pitt making me not feel so bad about getting a little long in the tooth (some day hahaha).

10. Paris Hilton arriving for the post-parties at the valet entrance and a party-goer saying out loud, "Why the hell is she here?"

Golden Globes, Grabs

11. The absolutely positive most stunning and dramatic woman I stood next to all night: Piper Perabo

12. The Piper Perk. (See #11).

13. Seeing my buddy Giuliana glowing and showing the world why she's da bomb.

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