George Clooney: Mitt Romney Is "Wrong" on Gay Rights

Descendants winner Clooney says "too soon" to take on Mitt Romney

By Ted Casablanca Jan 16, 2012 3:45 AMTags
George ClooneyMejia / Asadorian / Splash News

"I'm not worried until he's a nominee," Best Actor winner George Clooney told me when I asked what the famously pro gay-rights actor thought of anti-gay politician Mitt Romney.

But, that didn't stop Clooney, who's repeatedly come out in favor of gay marriage, from saying something:

Romney's stance on gay rights, he told me backstage at tonight's Golden Globes, "is obviously the wrong side of the issue."

What if Romney is nominated as the next republican presidential candidate this year, what then?

Clooney, who's never shied away from voicing his strong political opinions, answered evenly:

"All I'll say is this is the last leg of the civil rights movement," Clooney offered, eyes twinkling.

Implying, of course, that Romney is behind the humanitarian times—or soon will be.

Hope you're right, George, and congrats!